Copyright & Permissions

The GRJ is an open access journal following open data policies. The authors keep the copyright of their intellectual property and license the GRJ to publish and disseminate their work under the  Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0. (CC BY 4.0) Authors typically grant a non-exclusive license to the publisher to distribute/disseminate their work, and all users and readers are granted rights to reuse the work under the terms of a Creative Commons license. The only requirement for unrestricted self and public use  is that the author is given proper attribution. Attribution means that the user gives the authors appropriate credit, provides a link to the license and indicates if any changes were made. 

According to Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association ( :

“Attribution and citation are not the same: citation is a scholarly practice, influenced by the norms of specific communities, and which acknowledges, builds on, or links to other relevant work. By contrast attribution is a legal requirement under particular licenses to identify the copyright holder of the work being reused.”