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The Global Regenerative Journal (GRJ) is an open access, multi-specialty, peer reviewed journal, publishing high quality articles on basic science, translational studies and clinical research in the field of regenerative medicine. The Global Regenerative Journal is affiliated to the Global Regenerative Academy;  an industry independent association that aims to promote and disseminate scientific progress in regenerative medicine.

The field of regenerative medicine is evolving rapidly and novel treatments are being used for a variety of conditions, sometimes lacking adequate scientific basis. The aim of  GRJ is to bring together high quality research from a variety of subspecialties to provide evidence based information on regenerative therapies. The journal publishes papers on the regenerative aspects of orthopedics, sports medicine, spine surgery, tissue engineering, wound care, cardiology, urology, esthetic & regenerative gynecology. Three issues are published yearly.

GRJ accepts original research papers (experimental & clinical), systematic reviews, meta-analyses,  technical notes and case reports. An invited expert review is included in every issue, focusing on a novel or controversial topic. Abstracts and scientific proceedings of affiliated societies are also published.

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We can help those with ideas create the next big thing in Medicine and we can nurture theoretical and practical excellence in our members and bring them up-to date with the cutting edge clinically available treatment options in their respective medical specialty. The GRA supports literally every field in medicine. That’s why everyone is welcome to share and receive validated knowledge.

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Webinar: New regenerative therapies for COVID-19

*COVID 19, what are the signs and progression of the clinical symptoms *The Cytokine Storm, what is the significance *Studies done so far. *The potential of the regenerative therapies Convalescent plasma and MSC transplantation *Value of the studies done.

Global Regenerative Congress 2020 Dubai

The Global Regenerative Congress, DUBAI is the second world congress in Regenerative Medicine. It will be held between 18th and 20th of September 2020. Early bird registrations are now open! Key panels will be Regenerative Orthopedics – PRP and BMAC harvesting, applications in Pain management, Cartilage and Bone regeneration, Regenerative and Aesthetic Gynecology, Regenerative Urology, Regenerative Dermatology and Hair Restoration, Regenerative Neurology, Basic Science in Regenerative Medicine, Wound care etc…